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Surfly in your Local Language

The Surfly user interface (UI) is available in over 20 different languages to accommodate users from all around the world. In the settings page on the Surfly dashboard, company admins can choose which language to use for the dashboard and session UI.

If the chosen language hasn’t been fully translated, the strings that don’t have translations will appear in English.

We rely on our partners (customers, resellers, integrators, and promoters) to help translate Surfly. With your help, we can bring Surfly to all users in their native language. If your clients would benefit from more robust translations in their language, please share your suggestions on Surfly Translate, our translation portal. Once your suggestions are approved, the translations will be rolled out in the next deployment to UAT and then to Production (it takes approx. 2-4 weeks).

Please note that the emails sent from Surfly, such as the Session Invitation, cannot be translated. However, they can be fully customized using our Webhooks feature.

Read more about customising Surfly emails here >>

For an account on Surfly Translate, just send us a message at We’ll make sure you have everything you need to contribute.

Read more about submitting translations on Surfly Translate here >>

Is your language missing? We can create it for you! First, we’ll need to know a bit more about the language.

Read more about adding a new language here >>

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