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Adding a new Language

We strive to make Surfly available to all users in their native language. If your language is not yet available in Surfly, we’d be more than happy to add it!

First, we’ll need some more information about the language, its writing system, and the people who speak it. We use this background information to ensure that contributions in your language will look great in our interface.

Unfortunately, technical limitations currently prevent us from supporting languages that are written from right to left (RTL).

To proceed, we will require the following minimum information from you:

  • What does the language call itself? What is the English name of the language? Does it have any other names?

  • Where is it spoken? Where do the users that will use this language live?

Many languages have regional variants, e.g. South American Portuguese has drifted somewhat from European Portuguese. We’ll have to decide whether translations will apply to one region or to the whole language.

  • What writing system (alphabet) should we use in Surfly for text in this language?

Some languages use multiple writing systems, so we need to know your preference.

  • When should we make your language available to users? If users select the language, any missing translations will appear to them in English. Should users be able to select this language right away? If so, users will see some English-language text until all translations are complete. As more translations are approved, users will see more and more of their chosen language.

Once the language is created, there will be lots of text that doesn’t yet have a translation. If users select this language right away, these missing translations will appear in English. Most clients prefer to wait until a certain amount of translations are approved before allowing users to select it.

  • Finally, please provide translations for the following strings:

    • Loading, please wait…

    • 20 records per page

    • Showing 20 to 30 of 50 rows

    • Search

    • No matching records found

    • Hide/Show pagination

    • Refresh

    • Toggle

    • Columns

    • All

Once you provide us with this information, we can make the language available for translation in Surfly Translate within 2–5 business days.

Read more about contributing to Surfly Translate >>

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