Yes, you can run Surfly from your own domain and there is more than one way to do that. One is to have your own dedicated Surfly server setup. You can install and manage one yourself or we can do that for you. These are our on-premise and private-cloud deployment offerings and they come with a lot of benefits but you also need to take into consideration the technical resources and/or cost when you opt for those.

There is also another faster, simpler and much less expensive option to run Surfly from your domain of choice whilst leveraging our global server infrastructure.

For example, if your chosen domain is the invite links will be and you will be able to access the Surfly user dashboard (UI) using 

To achieve this:

  1. You need to provide us the SSL certificate for the domain of your choice

  2. Point the DNS for the same to the Surfly cloud.

SSL certificate

You will need to provide a wildcard certificate with complete certificate chain valid for and *

Wildcard certificate is only valid for one level of subdomains. For example, the wildcard certificate * is valid for, but not for

Make sure that the certificate is in *.pem format and has the following structure:

    (Your Private Key)
    (Your Primary SSL certificate)
    (Your Intermediate certificate)
    (Your Root certificate)


You will need to create below DNS records:

  • CNAME record * ->

  • ANAME record "" ->

If ANAME record is not supported by your DNS provider, you can create an A record to and point it to any Surfly IP address (

You can also verify the .pem file on your side below you pass it to us using this utility - sslcheck. Usage example: sslcheck verify -c <path to the certificate>