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Browser's Third-party cookie restrictions

Browsers like Safari (in regular mode) and Chrome (in Incognito mode) implement policies to limit or control third-party cookies usage, impacting the way sessions start and function on websites using widget.

By default, when a session is initiated, it is served from Surfly's domain (e.g., ) instead of the website's domain that you have open in your browser tab (e.g., ). Due to the browser's restrictions on third-party cookies, Surfly sessions can only start in a new tab rather than the desired website's current tab.

To overcome this limitation and enhance your user experience, consider running Surfly from your own domain, for example, .

This approach offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Unrestricted Session Initiation: Start sessions directly within the current tab for a smoother user experience and workflow.

  • Enhanced Trust & Branding: Users feel more secure when sessions run under your domain, creating a sense of trust, and it allows for a more branded and consistent user interface.

Read about running Surfly from your own domain here >>

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