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The Surfly widget is a pre-generated JavaScript code snippet that we use to enhance your web application. Each company account has a unique widget key for integration. This widget brings a variety of flows and capabilities to your platform.

One exceptional advantage of using this widget flow is that it empowers your agents to connect directly with customers on the specific webpage where assistance is required along with the possibility of seamless transfer of their half-filled forms, shopping carts, logins, and more into the session, sometimes with additional configurations.

Is Exposing the Widget Key a Risk?

The widget key is explicitly meant for enabling session creation from a public website. The session creation process is rate-limited. To further limit the domain from which session creation can be requested, utilize the widget_key_domain_list option found in Settings > Options > Security Options.

However, it is crucial never to expose the REST key publicly, as it grants access to additional functionalities.

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