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Spaces are virtual collaboration environments that allow individuals or groups to work together in real-time. These spaces can be used for a variety of purposes such as remote team meetings, webinars, online classes, and project management. Spaces provide a seamless collaboration experience by allowing users to share screens, chat, and interact with each other through a web-based interface.

A Space

  • A unique advantage of Spaces is that the URLs are permanent, which means they can be used for future appointments or recurring meetings. This eliminates the need to create a new session every time a meeting is scheduled.

    • Spaces provide permanent links that can be customized with a "Slug" containing letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores. Like “Client-meetings” in the example above.

  • Each Space can be configured with its own set of settings via the Spaces REST API. This allows users to fine-tune their Spaces and modify them as needed.

  • You can define the start URL for a Space, it is not mandatory though.

  • Eligible Host(s) can also be defined

    • Two users have been defined as eligible hosts for a Space in the example above)

    • Eligible host has to be a Surfly user.

    • Any of the user on that list can become the first Host in the Space so users don't have to worry about being late to a scheduled meeting. If a colleague or partner is available, they can start the Space session on behalf of the other eligible hosts.

    • When it comes to Tabs, the Host is a participant who can choose which tab to make active, ie. Host can switch between open tabs.

    • Admission mechanism is always on, ensuring only correct users can join. Host can admit participants and mute other participants.

    • In the interface you can tell who is the Host from the avatar in the top left corner alongside the participant count.

S is the host & owns the Google tab. Surfly tab is owned by another user, whose Gravatar is displayed.

  • In addition, previously open tabs in the Space session get restored. This makes it easy to pick up from where you left off and continue working seamlessly.

To invite others to a Space, users can either use the default invite modal within the session or share the Space URL to schedule a future appointment. Default invites are sent from, and default Spaces links are from the domain (example: ).

However, you can further customize these by running Surfly from your own domain or by using the custom subdomain option.

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