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Adding & managing users

A Surfly user can be assigned one of the three privilege levels - an “Agent” , a “Manager” or an “Admin

If you have the “Admin“ or “Manager“ privileges, you can add or manage users to your account from the “Agents“ page in your dashboard:

  1. Fill in the fields with email address and name of the user and click “Add agent”

  2. The user will then get an activation email on the email address that you’ve specified, that allows them to create a password for their account.

  3. Users are provided “Agent“ level privilege by default. You can also modify their “Role“ to adjust their user privilege, depending on your privilege.

Note:- If you activate them from the dashboard instead, the activation email gets nullified and they will not be able to set up a password for themselves. In that case, they can make use of Forgot your password? option to set up a password.

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