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What are the Surfly IP addresses?

If you are working with strict VPNs or have a Web Application Firewall (WAF) in front of your servers, you may experience issues when trying to connect to Surfly or browse your web-application.

In such cases, you can create access rules for connections to * We highly recommend implementing DNS-based rules to ensure that you won't need to make any changes on your end in case of IP changes on our side.

However, if that is not possible due to technical limitations or if you prefer to restrict access to servers in specific locations, you can set access rules for the Surfly server's static IP address(es).

For instance, if you're using Cloudflare WAF, you can create an IP Access rule by following the instructions in their

You can find the list of our IP addresses at (this list is currently outdated & you should rely on the table linked above for the same) or by making an API call to our REST API, as described in the Surfly documentation. We strongly recommend that you also set access rules for at least one legacy server IP address, along with the other chosen ones. It ensures uninterrupted access to Surfly even if you need to revert to the previous version due to unforeseen issues with the latest release. More details here.

If you decide to set up IP address-based access rules, please remember to update your settings options for "selected_regions" accordingly. You can do this by going to

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