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Salesforce Integration Guide


This document will guide you through the steps to integrate Surfly into your Salesforce app

Before You Begin

You will need a widget-key belonging to the Surfly account created for you. Please contact Surfly Service team via to obtain the same.

Upon obtaining the widget-key, proceed with the integration by following the steps outlined below. During the installation, you will be prompted to enter the widget-key.

Steps to integrate

  1. Install Surfly in your SalesForce app using the following link:

Once Surfly is installed you can find it in your Salesforce Setup → Apps → Packaging → Installed Packages

  1. Now, you can create a new page or edit an existing page from Lightning App Builder (Salesforce setup → User interface →Lightning App Builder)

As an example, to add Surfly as a component to a new page in the Lightning App Builder. Simply drag and drop Surfly to the required layout

Result of the drag and drop performed previously

  1. Once Surfly is added to the component, save the page and activate it.

Once the page is saved and activated, Surfly will be visible inside the page

Using Surfly

  • You can start a Surfly session on a webpage by typing a valid URL or join an existing session by entering the unique 4 digit PIN generated by another user.

  • To enable a video-chat session use the highlighted toggle below

  • Users with the Admin privilege can also access Surfly settings using the highlighted button below

  • If you ever need to update the domain through which you access Surfly or modify your Surfly account's widget-key, kindly use the highlighted button below.

It will prompt a dialog box where you can update your new key and/or domain name

Please reach out to Surfly Support team at for any related questions.

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