After updating the desktop UI (User Interface) in the last few months, we're now making the interface for users on mobile phones &b tablets much better. We will be releasing the new mobile UI next week.

Below we have put together the list of changes that will be released on 09/12/2023. 

Depending on your usage of Surfly, your agents might need to be informed of some of these changes we are bringing. Please review the list below and let us know if you have any questions.

Control Panel reimagined

Please read about these icons below

1: Host

Host is usually a participant who starts the Surfly session and so the first participant to enter the session. The Host is therefore also the person who has certain control over the session. For example, a Host can admit or deny other people entry into a session, switch between multiple open tabs, make other participants Host, accept or deny their request for Host rights and so on.

2: Control Permission

You will see this icon if you have option tab_ownership_enabled enabled. In that case, when your tab becomes active, you are immediately in control and can interact with it. In other words, once the Host switches to your tab, you are free to scroll, click and key in inputs around the content of your tab.

Nobody else can interact with your tab, not even the Host, unless the Host receives permission from you to do so.

To ask for control of the currently active tab, the Host can click on the cursor icon and then the Tab Owner of that tab receives a notification from which they can choose whether to grant the permission, or deny it.

3. Audio and video settings

It gives you the option of launching video chat or changing camera/mic settings by clicking on it. You can close the open modal anytime by clicking on the X in the top-right corner.

4. Tabs Preview

Besides giving an overview of all tabs open in the session, which are also numbered on the icon, this page also allows you to open a new tab by clicking on the + icon at the bottom.

5. Options

Options include switching to drawing mode, changing the screen size, and ending the session.


All of these changes are already creating an amazing environment for you to collaborate, or provide exceptional service to your customers. But we are not stopping here, as we are already working on creating a more user-friendly and versatile experience that will elevate your experience with Surfly even more. Stay tuned!