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Custom Notifications with Webhooks

Queue notifications

By default, when an incoming session is placed in a queue (e.g., triggered by a button on a website), users with the Surfly dashboard open in their browser receive sound notifications. The availability of these notifications depends on your Surfly settings and browser configurations allowing to generate sound alerts.

This default notification system eliminates the need for continuous monitoring of the queue. However, there may be situations where the sound notification alone is insufficient for your specific requirements. For instance, you might prefer additional notification methods, such as receiving a WhatsApp message or a phone call, to actively alert agents and prompt them to join the incoming session in the queue.

Setting up these custom notifications is simple

By utilizing the session.queued webhook, you can seamlessly send real-time data to your own service or popular third-party platforms like Zapier or Twilio, allowing you to generate WhatsApp messages or initiate phone calls to specified numbers in real time.

To begin, configure the session.queued webhook in your Surfly Settings >> Integration page. This ensures that the necessary data is transmitted whenever a session is placed in the queue.

With this setup, you can actively notify agents and ensure their prompt engagement with incoming sessions, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your queue management process.

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