Browser requirements

Surfly works with all modern browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari. This includes mobile browsers.

Video chat requirements

Surfly uses WebRTC for video chat, more specifically TokBox's solution. You can find more info on the TokBox requirements here.

Bandwidth requirements

There are no bandwidth requirements for using Surfly. With regard to TokBox bandwidth:

  • Video: 300 kbps per stream (recommended lowest level)

  • Audio: 50 kbps per stream (recommended lowest level)


For co-browsing to function properly, users need to establish a websocket connection with the Surfly servers. The WebSocket protocol is a widely accepted standard.

When connecting through to a co-browsing session through a firewall/proxy/security gateway, we recommend bypassing proxy inspection for our Websocket domains. We use a variety of different subdomains for our websocket servers. We recommend whitelisting * or our IP addresses to bypass PROXY inspection in order for all websocket communication to happen properly.

Communication with Surfly is done over port 443 and we use standard TLS encryption.