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Steps to reproduce an 'issue'

  • A detailed description of the issue

    • Can you consistently reproduce the issue? If so:

    • Include an explanation of the expected behaviour vs what actually happens

  • Concrete steps to reproduce:

    • How do you start the co-browse session?

    • From the Surfly dashboard or from the integration on the website?

    • On which url do you start the session?

    • What are the actions that are performed that trigger the issue? (Click, Input, Scroll, etc.)

    • If the issue occurs on the Tab Owner’s side, the Participant’s, or both

    • If the issue happens on a specific browser or not. Specify the browsers and their versions that you used.

    • If the issue happens on desktop or mobile. Specify the device details that you used.

    • Credentials to a test account on your application, if needed.

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