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New feature: Session Recording

We now offer Session Recording (currently in Beta), which allows you to keep a video archive of important sessions for future reference or evaluation, or to conform with strict compliance and privacy rules.

These will be high quality video archives of everything you do within a session. Masked information stays masked in the archives and as always, Surfly will not store this information but only transfer it to the location defined by you.


At the moment this feature is available on demand.

If you are interested in using this feature, please contact us at We will turn it on for you and then you will be able to set up archiving to your storage.


Session Recording feature is automated - once set up correctly, it will start by itself at the start of the session, and end when the session is completed.

Turning it on per session, as opposed to turning it on for all sessions, is possible via our APIs. When starting a session using APIs you can pass on the necessary session options.

Steps for setup

Once the feature is made available to you, the options related to setting it up will be enabled.

These are the steps for activating Session Recording:

  1. Turn on automated_session_recording_enabled (Dashboard Settings > Options > Session Functionality)

  2. Fill in s3_access_key and s3_access_secret (Dashboard Settings > Options > Company Settings)

  3. Specify s3_recordings_bucket (Dashboard Settings > Options > Session Functionality)

During the session

Session recording is created from the perspective of a following-participant. You will see an indication on the top bar that the session is being recorded:

or in bottom bar in case of mobile devices:

Video files

Video files (.mkv) will be stored in the S3-compatible bucket that you have specified. Video files will be named after the session ID. Surfly does not have access to them.

  • The folder structure in this bucket follows below convention:

    • For example, if someone is logged in as on and records a session, that recording will be available at:{session_id}.mkv

    • Also, depending on the user flow used, it's possible that the agent_email is not passed to the session, so for those cases, the recordings will be at:

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