The Surfly session interface on mobile devices has been updated for an improved experience

To enhance the user experience on mobile devices, we have improved the look of our main console and the tabs interface.

Main console on mobile devices

In the newest update to the mobile user interface of Surfly sessions, one of the first things that you may notice is the new main console:

In the main console you can find:

  • Participants, where you can see a full list of session participants, a list of participants waiting to be admitted (if admission is enabled), and a button to invite participants.

  • Draw, that toggles between annotation mode and cursor mode.

  • Video, which enables videochat, or brings it back from the collapsed mode.

  • Chat, that opens a text chat window.

  • Options, containing other session options (detailed below).

However, if you disable certain functionality, like text chat, for example, the corresponding icon will not be shown in the console.

Uploading files has been moved to the "+" plus icon.

In the Options menu, you can find:

  • Camera and microphone settings

  • A way to leave the session

  • Shortcut to text chat

  • Set screen size functionality

With this updated console design for mobile, the Surfly session interface looks cleaner and more intuitive. The functionalities that are used most often are conveniently placed where you can quickly reach them, while buttons that you only use once - like "Leave session" or "Video settings" are tucked away behind "Options".

New tabs interface on mobile devices

In the new tabs interface you can see the title of the currently opened tab with a caret next to it, and a "+" plus icon.

When tapping on the "+" plus icon, you can see a fullscreen menu opening, where you can enter a new URL to browse or upload a file.

To navigate to other opened pages and files, you can click on the caret and select the desired tab from the dropdown list.

The new tabs interface makes it easier to navigate between all opened tabs and makes it easier to add something new to the session - whether it is a web page or a file.