Surfly session’s interface is flexible - you can turn certain functionality on and off depending on the journey that you want to create for your users. Below is the interface with full functionality suite:

Note that the available features might differ according to your plan, your role, and which user has control over the session. We differentiate between the leader and the followers. The leader is the person that initiated the session, the followers are all other users that join the session.

In the main console you can find (left to right):

  • Participants icon opens a full list of session participants, a list of participants waiting to be admitted (if admission is enabled), and a button to invite participants.

  • Set Screen size button allows you to set the screen size of the session to the screen size of one of the participants.

  • Draw icon that toggles between annotation mode and cursor mode.

  • File Upload button opens your OS’s file system for you to select a file you would like to upload

  • Camera button which calls the video and audio settings modal from which you can enable videochat.

  • Text Chat icon that opens a text chat window.

  • Pause button allows the leader to pause the session for other participants.

  • Session End button lets you leave the session, or end the session for all participants.

The person in control will also see a plus icon next to the open tabs: