In a basic support use case, the customer service agent will already be talking to your customer by chat or phone and when there is a need to co-browse and/or start video chat, the agent can instruct the customer to click the “Get live help” button.

The customer will see the Surfly loading screen, after which a red banner is displayed that shows the four-number session ID.

The agent then asks the customer for this session ID, which they can then use to identify the correct incoming co-browse request from the queue on their Surfly dashboard.

The agent then clicks “Take call” to join the co-browse session.

By default, this is what the co-browse session looks like for the customer:

And for the agent:

During the session, the customer has the option to add more users to the session, navigate to a different website, switch control to the agent, start video chat, or share a file.

When control is given to the agent, they then get the same functionalities as the customer.

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