If you want to be able to start co-browsing directly from your website, you have to add the Surfly snippet to each page you want to be able to start a session from. If you have access to the code, you can add below script right above the closing </body> tag of your HTML. If you use a website builder, you probably have an option there where you can add code to your webpages. Finally, you could use a Tag Manager to add the Surfly snippet to your website.

Make sure that you add your widget key to this snippet. You will find it on the Surfly dashboard under “Settings” >> “Integration”.

    (function(s, u, r, f, l, y) {
    s[f] = s[f] || {
        init: function() {
            s[f].q = arguments
    l = u.createElement(r);
    y = u.getElementsByTagName(r)[0];
    l.async = 1;
    l.src = 'https://surfly.com/surfly.js';
    y.parentNode.insertBefore(l, y);
    window, document, 'script', 'Surfly');

        widget_key: '**your widget key here**'
    }, function(init) {
        if (init.success) {
            // display the default Surfly button