Screen sharing is a feature that allows a person in control of the Surfly session to share their screen.

This feature provides a convenient way to show something that is not browsable on the web, like a desktop application or a local file.

Please be conscious of what you are sharing via screen sharing, and try to keep your private information (like images and passwords) safe while sharing your screen.

Note: Screen sharing is currently in Beta.


Turn on the option enable_screensharing that can be found in the “Session functionality” section in the Dashboard Settings. As we are currently in Beta, this option is off by default.

Since a shared screen is a video feed, the videochat option has to be on as well.

For the same reason, you have to join videochat in the session before you share your screen.

How to use

To share your screen, simply click “+” as if you want to open a new tab.

In the modal that appears, click the button “Share your screen (Beta)”.

Next, select what you want to share (window, screen, tab) from your browser's native dialogue.

To stop screen sharing, you can either close the tab where you were sharing or click “Stop sharing”.

If you pass control of the session to another user while sharing your screen, your screen sharing continues, but you always can stop it by clicking the “Stop sharing” button.

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