So the whole world is buzzing about this right? Everything is about GDPR right now and every company is making sure they comply. It’s so much work to find all the necessary info about this, not just for your own company, but also for the services that you use. So to make your life easier, here’s all you need to know about Surfly.

There are two ways in which we process data: directly and indirectly. But for us that applies even more than for other companies. Why? On the one hand we process data through our own website: (check out our privacy- and cookie policies), and These domains are hosted on different servers, and the latter is used for the Surfly dashboard. 

You can only get access to the dashboard if you have a Surfly account. When you sign up with your name, company name and email address, this is the only information we store about you. When you delete your account, your personal info will be removed from our database. Next, if you sign up for a paid plan and enter your credit card info, we send this to Stripe and they handle the rest.

With indirectly, we refer to our proxy server. All requests made during a co-browsing session go through our servers. What does this mean with regard to GDPR?

  • When a Surfly co-browsing session is started on a website, Surfly sets one cookie. In this we store the session ID, and the cookie will expire when the co-browse session is ended.
  • All other cookies set during co-browsing, are cookies that go through our proxy and are therefore cookies that actually come from the websites that are being co-browsed. The responsibility of regulating these cookies thus belong to those websites respectively.
  • We don’t store user data
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