If you implement the above snippet on your website, you will get a default “Get live help” button in the left bottom corner of the webpage. By clicking this button a co-browse session will immediately start, and you can join the session from the queue page in your Surfly dashboard.

In the right bottom corner, you will find the Surfly chat widget. The chat widget contains different buttons:

Add a user: copy the link to the co-browsing session and share it with others. Or email it to others directly from the Surfly widget by typing the email address in the form field.

Navigate to a new url: fill in a url to navigate to a different website inside the co-browsing session.

Drawing mode: allows you to enter or exit drawing mode. When you use drawing mode your cursor will turn into a magic marker that allows you to highlight things on the page.

Switch control: allows you to give control to someone else in the session

Join videochat: enables videochat. Pick a camera and audio input. If you want audio only, select “No camera”.

Share a document: send files of any format to other users.

Note that the available features might differ according to role, and who has control over the navigation. We differentiate between the leader and the followers. The leader is the person that initiated the session, the followers are all other users that join the session.

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